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Rivitt Solution

The Rivitt solution is elegant in its simplicity. Rivitt installs one or more devices on your location, connecting to the desired sources. Once connected, Rivitt streams data from the edge directly to your infrastructure. No platforms. No 3rd party cloud. Your data delivered in a standardized format across all services direct to your chosen destination.

Solution Features


Complete Well Context

Rivitt's IoT hardware supports data collection from the complete well lifecycle. Drilling, frac, wireline, production, PLCs and any other sensored service. Collect and control from every phase.


Data Persistence

Internet service cannot always be guaranteed in remote locations. Rivitt locally stores data until connection is reestablished. Data stream from oldest to new, maintaining monotonicity to support your time dependent algorithms.


Security & Ownership

Once data are acknowledged by your infrastructure, they are deleted from Rivitt's edge device. You are the sole owner of your data. This custody transfer eliminates hacking potential, reduces compliance issues, and keeps you in control.


Data Ingestion

Rivitt supports both serial and TCP protocol and a wide range of formats; WITS0, JSON, CSV, and MODBUS. If you're format is not here, we can build and integrate.


Data Delivery

Rivitt delivers data directly to your infrastructure. IT and Cyber Security departments love us. Your team provides authentication and authorization methods through common interface methods allowing  Rivitt devices write access. Rivitt supports Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT Core, APIs, Pub/Sub, SQL and NoSQL. 


Computation Engine

Rivitt is constantly extending support for value  add computations. Automated well bore detection, intra-stage events, and more. Our computations and transparent and raw data are never compromised.

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